EDeN™ for Quilters

The EDeN System provides a simple way to bridge the gap between rotary cutting instructions and die-cutting systems.  Whether you’re new to die-cutting or a veteran, EDeN will help you to quickly determine which dies to use to cut fabric shapes for quilting, determine equivalent dies across all major die-cutting systems, and easily translate patterns from rotary cutting to die-cutting and vice versa.

EDeN™ for Designers

If you’re a quilt pattern designer, you can instantly make your patterns die-cutting compatible with the inclusion of a small EDeN Number alongside your cutting instructions.  There’s no need to look up or list die numbers & specify the cutting system, taking up valuable space.  Best of all, by using the EDeN Number, your pattern is accessible to all die-cutting quilters, regardless of their system.

EDeN™ for Publishers

If you’re looking for a way to include die-cutting instructions in your magazine, website, or other publication, the EDeN System is easily implemented.  We are happy to provide technical writing services to validate your cutting instructions or provide you with the EDeN equivalents.  Our goal is to increase the adoption of die-cutting across the quilting industry to help quilters & sewists complete their projects successfully.

This concept makes total sense!! Your explanation and charts are fabulous!

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