Dies released between Fall 2012 and Summer 2013 have been incorporated into the new EDeN Chart.  Here are the most notable changes:

  • We  modified the chart details for rectangles and squares; any time a square or rectangle requires the use of a strip die, the EDeN Number for the strip die is listed rather than the name and number of the die.
    • We made this change because strips are labeled with their strip number, not the rectangle or squares number, so those who have labeled their dies will find it easier to locate the correct die in their collection.  Also, because of the simpler format, you can also quickly see if there is a specific rectangle or square die in that size.
  • Circles have been added to the chart where appropriate.  Circles are assumed to have 1/2″ seam allowances as with other shapes; for practical purposes, circles less than 3/4″ in diameter are not included in the chart.
  • Trapezoids (chisel shapes) have been included.

A later update will provide EDeN Notation for diamonds, parallelograms, hexagons, and other triangles. We need to work through some of the challenges in naming shapes that have angles less than 90°.

You can download the EDeN Chart here.