If you’re a quilt pattern designer, you can instantly make your patterns die-cutting compatible with the inclusion of a small EDeN Number alongside your cutting instructions.  There’s no need to look up or list die numbers & specify the cutting system, taking up valuable space.  Best of all, by using the EDeN Number, your pattern is accessible to all die-cutting quilters, regardless of their system.

How You Benefit as a Designer

We are very active in the die-cutting community, and we hear over and over how people just don’t buy patterns and books anymore because they aren’t die-cutting friendly.  Quilters make a significant investment in their die-cutting equipment, and want to know how to use them effectively. They don’t want to waste time translating quilting patterns and figuring out whether they have the right dies. When you adopt EDeN, you are:

  • Attracting die-cutting quilters.  Many die-cutting quilters don’t buy patterns because they don’t know how to adapt them for die-cutting.
  • Creating universal pattern instructions. Immediately open your patterns to quilters with any major die-cutting system. You don’t have to pick one or the other!
  • Utilizing compact notation. Adding EDeN Numbers to your cutting instructions takes very little space.
  • Promoting industry standards.  Just as the knitting, crochet, and rotary-cutting communities have aligned around standard naming & sizes, we need die-cutting to adopt a standard in order for it to spread more widely. EDeN is the standard we’ve been waiting for.
  • Accessing a built-in community of support.  The die-cutting community is thriving, and they love to support businesses that cater to their unique needs. We’re happy to list you in our directory, Find EDeN, with your name & a link to your website.


Requirements for Including EDeN™ in Your Patterns

We are happy to have you include EDeN instructions along with your quilt patterns!  We only have a few requirements for inclusion.

  • You are allowed to use EDeN for a nominal licensing fee  if you:
    • Let us know you plan to use EDeN in your patterns so we can help promote you as a designer.
    • Only use the EDeN Numbers in your pattern.
    • Include the EDeN logo visibly on your pattern cover (front or back) and follow our logo guidelines. (Contact us for guidelines & print-ready images.)
    • Use the EDeN name properly, as it is used across this site, including the trademark notice the first time EDeN appears.
    • Include a link to equivalentdienotation.com in your pattern so that your customers can download the latest chart.
    • Agree not to copy or publish the chart either whole or in part with your pattern or on your website. You may, of course link to the EDeN Chart page as often as you wish.  Please do not link directly to the PDF file. If you wish to publish portions of the EDeN Chart in your pattern or on your website, the licensing fee is slightly higher.

The licensing fee supports the maintenance of this site, assistance to designers for notating patterns, as well as insures the EDeN Chart is represented appropriately wherever it appears.

We are happy to evaluate your pattern for EDeN inclusion, validate die-cutting fabric requirements, and provide you guidance on how to best support die-cutting quilters.