If you’re new to EDeN, let us help you navigate the site and learn more about it.  Just follow these steps!  They are also listed over on the right-hand column so you can always find your way back.

  1. Grab a couple of your dies.  Sometimes, it helps to physically touch the die to familiarize yourself with the measurements. A rectangle die and a triangle die are great to start with. Grab a marker too so you can write the EDeN Number on the side of the die, near the label.
  2. Download & print the EDeN example.  This gives you a visual guide for using EDeN as you read & learn more about it.
  3. Watch the video. This great 6 minute video explains EDeN for those of us who are more visual.
  4. Read through the EDeN Instructions.  It helps to follow along with the EDeN  example as you walk through each component of the system.
  5. Download the full EDeN Chart. Once you are ready, get the latest version of the full chart. You are welcome to print it; just know it gets updated about once a month as new dies are released.
  6. Sign up for RSS. You’ll get an email notification whenever the EDeN Chart is updated or get important information about EDeN. (Opens in a new window.)
  7. Read our FAQs. These are common questions people ask that may not have been covered in the instructions.
  8. Get more help.  There are links to our Yahoo Group and other resources to help you.
  9. Read our Manifesto. Learn who we are and why we are so passionate about die-cutting!